New Client Alert: Bitter Grace Boutique

Join us in welcoming a new member to #TheOnceUpon family — Bitter Grace Boutique, an online women’s fashion shop that focuses on empowering women and giving back to the community!

Founded by Anne Marie Johnson, Bitter Grace Boutique uses fashion as a medium to encourage women to be confident and authentic. The online shop features a carefully-curated collection of clothing that are comfortable to wear and looks effortlessly chic.

The movement of #DoMoreBeMore is also part of what Bitter Grace Boutique is all about, inspiring women to do more, to be extraordinary. According to Anne Marie, the name “Bitter Grace” is a reminder to anyone who has gone through painful or tough situations that we can learn to take the positives from our painful experiences and turn them into opportunities for growth.

Bitter Grace has also partnered with Doorways, an organization based in the Washington DC area that fosters an environment helping women and families to achieve better lives. A portion of their proceeds from each sale goes toward Doorways’ mission.

Anne Marie (center) is the founder of Bitter Grace Boutique.

Anne Marie (center) is the founder of Bitter Grace Boutique.


We’re so happy to be working with Bitter Grace Boutique and looking forward to sharing their brand stories with all of you!

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The Once Upon Team