Meet the Founder



Tricia comes from a strong strategic public relations and marketing background with experience in the travel and tourism industry and crisis communications. As founder and managing director of Once Upon, Tricia brings a personable approach to influencer marketing.

During her career, Tricia has helped open new restaurants, promote new travel destinations, and handled crisis communications for Shangri-La Hotels and Resorts. She has also successfully developed communications and digital marketing strategies for freelance clients, including Cathay Pacific.

Tricia is also experienced in social media management. Since 2016, she has been very active in the blogging field and has established strong relationships with many influencers and bloggers based in the U.S. and Canada; her blog site is called Happily Ever Style.  

Born in Los Angeles and raised in Taipei, Tricia received a B.A. in Communications, Media and Culture from Oxford Brookes University and a M.A. in Film and TV Production from University of Bristol in the United Kingdom. She currently lives in New York City.